Schalke defeats Stuttgart to lead Bundesliga

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Schalke 04's Edu celebrates a goal against Stuttgart during their German Bundesliga soccer match in Gelsenkirchen March 12, 2010.

BERLIN, March 12 -- Schalke came on top of the German Bundesliga on Friday after defeating Stuttgart 2-1 in a thrilling match.

Stuttgart started motivated while Schalke staged a slow start. Both teams remained harmless within the first half time and were unable to produce threatening goal scoring chances.

Seconds into the second half striker Edu donated his first goal for Schalke, after he was fielded by coach Felix Magath during the break. Edu exploited an unlucky clearance attempt by Stuttgart defender Serdar Tasci to bring his team up front.

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Stuttgart's Serdar Tasci (2nd R) scores a goal against Schalke 04 during their German Bundesliga soccer match in Gelsenkirchen March 12, 2010.

Stuttgart made short work and levelled only four minutes later. Defender Serdar Tasci compensated his error and headed home for the equalizer after a set by piece situation. Schalke wasn't shocked and went one better. Kevin Kuranyi netted home a cross by defender Heiko Westermann at the 55th minute to mark the final score.

Stuttgart pressed franaticaly but was short on accuracy and unable to turn around.

Schalke moved on top with 54 points while Stuttgart sticked on 7th position.

On Sunday the following matches will take place: Munich vs Freiburg, Bochum vs Dortmund, Hannover vs Frankfurt, Wolfsburg vs Gladbach, Mainz vs Cologne and Berlin vs Nuremberg.