Topless Paris most watched

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A footage from Paris Hilton's video.

Jan. 7 -- Guess whose is the Sun Online's most watched showbiz video of 2009? It's Paris Hilton of course.

Paris Hilton's video of a saucy bath scene was originally launched in 2007. But it is so alluring that the masses couldn't help but coming back for more, and pushing it beyond a whopping 1.5 million hits.

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U.S. socialite Paris Hilton poses at a party in downtown Beirut July 3, 2009.

Paris' topless scene fought off competition from footage of Madonna's shock onstage wobble. A ghostly image of late Michael Jackson wandering the corridors of his Neverland home came in at third place, while Leona Lewis' bookstore attack and actress Jessica Biel's red hot pole dance in Powder Blue landed fourth and fifth spot in the top ten countdown.