Google's Nexus One phone to be in market

Google is expected to land its mobile phone Nexus One in the mobile phone market online, according to news reports on Tuesday.

The Nexus One, which includes a highly-developed touch screen and other enhancements from its previously launched G-phone T-mobile series, is due to be unveiled at Google's headquarters in California and is to be on sale at Google's website on Tuesday.

Nexus One phone is Google's completely new phone. It is not just an advanced version of the previously launched T-mobile series which was also release by Google, mobile specialists pointed out.

The phone, with Google's Android operating system, is reportedly made by the mobile phone maker HTC.

Comparing to Apple's iPhone, which stimulated the global mobile phone market when it was released three years ago in 2007, Google's Nexus One appears to be less competitive, analysts predicted. However, it is still a catching type of mobile phone with Google's newly creative gadgets.