Transformer blitzkrieg scorches screens

There are big summer movies. And there are big summer movies that are set to become an event. Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen belongs to the latter category.

When the film opened in China this week, huge transformer models stood outside the cinemas, as fans poured into theaters.

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The sequel boasted a dazzling array of robotic action sequences, with elements that hold special appeal for Chinese audiences. In the latest episode, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg return as director and executive producer respectively, while leading man Shia LaBeouf and actress Megan Fox return as a screen couple caught in the war between Autobots and Decepticons.

What impressed Chinese fans most was the Shanghai scene. From the set design and bridge on Huaihai Lu to the familiar Chinese ads, audiences were amazed to find that the transformers had come so close to them.

Audiences can enjoy an IMAX experience of the thrilling forest fight between Optiums Prime and some Deceptions toward the end of the film as Devastator and the Fallen get ready to activate their pyramidal device. Given the director's trademark visual effects, this is a wonderful experience.

The soundtrack of the summer sequel, like its big special effects, is big with Linkin Park singing the theme song New Divide. Joining them are Green Day, Nickelback, The Fray, Taking Back Sunday, Cheap Trick and more.

The sequel is expected to crown the summer box-office and do better than the last imported box office miracle-maker Titanic, which grossed 360 million yuan ($52.7 million) in 1997. The movie opened in Beijing at midnight on June 24 but diehard fans began to get their tickets days before this.

Other films showing at cinemas include:

The Magic Aster

This animation film is about the traditional Chinese fairy tale of justice fighting evil to recapture the magic aster, which protects people's happiness. Chinese NBA star Yao Ming gives voice to the father of main actress Xiao Lan.

Kungfu Chefs

Jo does what he can to oust his uncle Wong Bing-Yi (Sammo Hung) from the village and claim the Dragon-Head Cleaver, a symbol of clan power. Finding himself out of the village, Wong discovers a cooking wonder, Lung Kin-yat (Vanness Wu) in the Four Seas restaurant. To bring Four Seas back to the top, Lung ends up representing it in the competition against Chef Tin (Lam Tze Chung), two-time "Top Chef" winner and head chef at the Imperial Palace.

Kill Bride

This is China's answer to the successful Renee Zellweger comedy, Bridget Jones' Diary series. In this mainland film, Du Leisi plays a 29-year-old plain saleswoman who struggles with her weight, her boss, and neglect by men, and routinely finds ways to embarrass herself. After deciding to go on a blind date in a club, she develops a crush on a guy who turns out to be a cheat hired by the club to make more money.
(China Daily)