Charity carer Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse is to care for sick people.

The troubled 'Rehab' star plans to volunteer for the African Impact Medical Assistance charity project on St Lucia, where she will hand out medicines and prepare meals. She will also work with children and maternity units.

A source close to Amy - who has lived on the Caribbean island for most of this year - told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Amy has always been very giving and she has fallen in love with the people in St Lucia. She now wants to do everything she can to make the islanders healthier and happier."

Amy is said to have been inspired to help after discovering estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil is expecting a child with another woman.

She was recently quoted as saying: "I couldn't have given him kids. And anyway, I want black kids not white kids."

However, Amy's spokesperson insisted she wasn't hinting at wanting to have a child, but that she wants to get involved in charity programmes.

He said: "Amy was talking in the context of looking after island kids. Amy is keen to look after children on the island through these projects."

The 'Back to Black' star's friends insist she is perfect for the nursing role as she is the "mother hen" of their friendship group.

Her pal Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace recently said: "She is the mummy in our friendship group. She's really like a mother hen and likes to look after everyone. I know that's not how she comes across, but everyone who knows her, or has ever met her, says the same about how wonderful she is. Although she's had problems with her addiction to drink and drugs, she's such an amazing, good person with a kind heart and a fantastic listener."