Walk 18 Dalmatian pups all at once!

Adam Morley takes 18 playful Dalmatian puppies for a stroll.

BEIJING, March 14 -- Eighteen Dalmatian pups, the world record-breaking litter, enjoyed a final walk before they headed off to their new homes in Suffolk of the Untied Kingdom, according to media reports Saturday.

Although Adam Morley, the owner, feel a little crazy to think of taking 18 Dalmatian pups for a walk at once, he said he wanted to give the 11-week-old puppies a final run in the park.

Button, the mother, attempts to feed her litter.

"It was a nightmare, I may as well have been walking 101 Dalmatians," said Mr. Morley. "Most of the dogs wanted to walk in different directions, while some of them just sat down and wouldn't budge. "

Button, the Dalmatian mother, whose father was in the film 102 Dalmatians, broke the world record in December when she gave birth to her brood of 18, just a year after having a litter of 15 pups.