Robinho threatens to sue Pele over drug accusations

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 24-- Lawyers that represent Brazilian soccer player Robinho announced on Tuesday the possibility of suing soccer legend Pele after he made accusations that Robinho uses drugs.

Manchester City's Robinho gestures during their English Premier League soccer match against Newcastle United in Manchester Jan. 28, 2009.

Robinho stated that he will sue the "King" if he does not apologize and take back his accusations that the forward for the English Premier League Manchester City and member of the Brazilian national team uses drugs.

In a statement while on vacation, Pele declared as the following: "It is unfair if you refer to soccer as a sport that is contaminated by drugs. There are few cases, such as those that took place with Ronaldo and Robinho. That's why I use Kaka as an example. He is a clean and fair player. It is unfair to relate drugs to soccer based on few cases."

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal (R) receives the FIFA World Player 2008 award from soccer legend Pele during the FIFA World Player of the Year awards ceremony in Zurich Jan. 12, 2009.

The instance that Pele referred to regarding Ronaldo dates back to his sex scandal and the accusations of use of illicit drugs. He also called Argentina's former star Maradona a bad example after the player was admittedly addicted to cocaine.

Robinho did not receive Pele's declarations with pleasure. He has been quoted as being "disappointed" with Pele's misinformed sensational reading in the newspapers. Robinho's lawyers claim that Pele is making a bad judgment of character and harming his image as a player.

"What Pele is saying does not make any sense. We are hoping that Pele will clarify what he said about Robinho. We are sure there is a misunderstanding. Robinho has never used drugs," said Robinho's agent Juan Figer.


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